New Chinese Language and Culture School


  新金山文化学校New Chinese Language and Culture School (New CLCS)位于澳大利亚墨尔本。始建于1992年,迄今已有近25年的办学历史。New CLCS是澳大利亚目前办学规模最大,教学管理最规范,办学实力最强,教学质量最高的周末中文学校。因对澳洲多元文化贡献突出,学校多次获得前任总理约翰.霍华德、陆克文、茱莉亚.吉拉德的亲自约见,维省教育部和澳洲多元文化部门对学校多年来 为社区所做的贡献给予了高度的评价。

The New CLCS was established in 1992 and is the largest Chinese Language School evidently through the number of students enrolled – currently standing at 3000 students. The school is most renowned by its assurance of education quality, and currently consists of seven campuses located in the suburbs of Thornbury, McKinnon, Balwyn, Blackburn, Ringwood, Tarneit and MacLeod with the headquarters in Box Hill. The school also has a tuition centre and four Victorian Certificate Education sections.


The New CLCS is a well organised community school with:


  • Over 20 years of teaching experience and a high reputation in the Chinese community;

  • Well known teaching quality that has been validated by the outstanding VCE results; and

  • More than 150 contracted teachers, who are highly skilled with accomplishments and awards to support and benefit students in their acquisition of the Chinese language.


We encourage all students, regardless of their family background, to learn the Chinese language whilst experiencing Chinese culture firsthand.




School Characteristics

The schools have clear educational goals, and standardized administration, along with abundant teachers, pluralistic teaching materials and an enriching curriculum. The campuses are secure, easily accessible via different transportations, and school facilities are of great comfort.  We strive to allow students to develop comprehensively, and make remarkable achievements academically.





Teaching Achievements

Every year, nearly one thousand students participate in the HSK and YCT, “Overseas Chinese Knowledge Contest for Primary and Middle School Students” examinations with the average score being first in the world for three consecutive years. Participation in the “Overseas Chinese Knowledge Contest for Primary and Middle School Students” provided results of the highest class. Simultaneously, the VCE Chinese Training Centre of the school, as a veteran of Melbourne’s special teaching institutions, creates high scoring candidates for university entrance examinations every year. We also work towards helping our dedicated students gain the benefit of those extra marks in their overall study scores.


  • 澳洲联邦教育委员会主席、联邦多元委员会主席和数位议员分别到学校参观并向其他社区学校推广我们的办学经验。

  • 澳大利亚SBS国家电台,中国中央电视台国际频道、3CW中文广播电台、墨尔本《联合时报》等也都对我们学校进行过专门的采访报道。

  • 受中国国家汉办委托成为墨尔本“全球汉语水平(HSK)考试”、“世界中小学生汉语水平(YCT)考试 ”唯一考场。

  • 被中国国家汉办指定在澳洲唯一承办“HSK、YCT中小学生汉语水平考试获奖者冬令营”的学校。

Social Influence

  • The Chairman of the Federal Board of Education of Australia and the Federal Multicultural Committee, as well as several members of the City Council have visited the school respectively to help promote our schooling experience to other community schools.

  • Australia’s SBS Radio, China’s China Central Television, the 3CW Australia Chinese Radio, Melbourne’s United Times, and others, have also conducted special interviews and reports with and about our school.

  • Our schools are accredited by the Chinese Hanban as the only testing venue for the Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) and the Youth Chinese Test (YCT). 

  • Our schools are the only ones to be appointed by the Hanban in Australia to host the HSK and YCT Winter Camp’s for the “Chinese Proficiency Test for Primary and Middle School Students”.


  传统的中文教学与现代多媒体教学手段密切结合。所有的校区均配备多媒体教学设施。各种教学辅助手段丰富多样。各校区均开设课间中文图书阅览室。Box Hill总校设置的中文图书馆,也受到了各界华裔朋友的喜爱,成为文化交流的中心。

Teaching Methods and Facilities

Our schools closely integrate the traditional form of teaching Chinese with the teaching techniques of modern multimedia. All campuses are equipped with multimedia teaching areas, and a variety of teaching aids with a Chinese reading room at all campuses. The Chinese Library that has been set up by headquarters at Box Hill, has become a centre of cultural exchanges amongst the Chinese people of all circles.





The New Chinese Language and Cultural School

         A school that hopes you have a positive experience of learning Chinese!

         A school that believes each and every one of you are unique and intelligent!

         A school that is more than willing to share our resources with our students!