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【VCE报名咨询:0412 859 103,请找刘老师】

  VCE 每个科目的满分均为50分。为公平起见,VCAA(考试总局)根据各个科目的难易程度,来确定每个考试科目是加分scale up科目还是减分scale down科目。由于中文学习被界定为较难的科目,因此时至今日,VCE中文仍属于高考加分科目之一。虽然每年加分的程度不一样,但是一般说来,中文第二语言的加分幅度和高等数学不相上下,而中文第一语言和第二语言高级的加分幅度则相对少一些。但是无论如何,作为能够加分的高考科目,选修汉语还是成为很多考生青睐的选择。

  和别的高考科目一样,VCE中文分为4个单元(即UNIT 1 2 3 4),需在两年内完成。


  UNIT 1 和 UNIT 2 是11年级的课程,属于高考准备阶段,为 UNIT 3 和 UNIT 4 打基础,分数只分 S 或 N,不计入大学入学分数。也就是说,UNIT 1 和 UNIT 2 的学习成绩只要达标即可。


  UNIT 3 和 UNIT 4 是12年级科目,其学习内容是通过考试来实现。其中包括了6个小考 (SACs),外加2个统考 (External Exams) 。这8个考试的分数总和既是该科目的在校成绩,将记入大学的入学分数,占本科目VCE最后总分的50%。



  目前VCE中文仍分为3个组别:第一语言CFL、第二语言CSL和第二语言高级CSLA。 作为加分科目,只要能取得25分以上的成绩,考生都会有加分的机会。一般来说,中文第一语言的考试成绩会在学生的卷面分raw score之上再加4~7 分;中文第二语言高级组加 7~10分;中文第二语言加 8~12 分。即便每年加分额度有微调,但一般变化只在1~2分左右。举例说明,如果某考生在中文第二语言的考试中获取35分,则该考生该门课的最后成绩便可加至47分。

  新金山文化学校New Chinese Language and Culture School是教育部考试总局(VCAA)的注册学校,凡是日校没有开设VCE中文课程的学生,或日校有中文课但因课程安排不开,都可以在我校注册完成VCE中文科目的学习,其考试成绩都能得到该生所在日校及维省教育部的认可。如果在日校选修VCE中文课程的学生想强化补习VCE中文,亦可参加学习我校课程,达到其补习、强化、提高考试技能的目的。



For VCE Registration Advice

All VCE subjects are scored at a maximum of 50 raw score points. To ensure fairness, VCAA, the General Administration of Examinations, determines whether or not a subject is scaled, and if so, up or down and by how many points. This can be determined by the level of difficulty for each subject. For the subject of VCE Chinese Language, a student’s raw score is generally scaled up. Although the degree of scaling differs each year, it can be generalized that the degree of scaling for Chinese Second Language (CSL) correlates with Advanced Mathematics, while the Chinese First Language (CFL) and Chinese Second Language Advanced (CSLA) examination score scaling is relatively less than CSL. However, in any case Chinese is a favourable subject to choose in order to improve your overall scores at the end of Year 12.

Units 1&2 are Year 11 course subjects and are prerequisites in continuing on to Units 3&4, and ultimately being able to take the final Year 12 exam for this subject. In order to move onto Units 3&4, students are graded by either Satisfactory (S) or Not Satisfactory (N). Thus, students are mainly only required to have a passing grade in the first two units.

Units 3&4 are Year 12 course subjects, and the learning content is acquired through various assessment tasks. This includes six school assessed coursework (SACs), and two external examinations, which will contribute to the majority of a student’s marks. The two external examinations are an oral examination and a written examination, respectively. The total grading of these eight assessments and examinations will contribute to your overall ATAR score at the end of VCE.


VCE exam results can be retained for 1 to 2 years. That is to say, a student in Year 10 may choose to enrol in subjects of the first year of VCE – Year 11, or the second year of VCE – Year 12, provided they have met any prerequisites of the chosen subject. Most students who have a Chinese-speaking family background, will choose to complete their Year 11 studies for Chinese when they are in Year 10 and then finish the entire VCE Chinese course by the end of Year 11. This would mean that the student has already completed a VCE subject, and thus reduces their workload and academic stress for when they get to Year 12. 


Currently, VCE Chinese is still divided into three categories: First Language (CFL), Second Language (CSL) and Second Language Advanced (CSLA). As a subject that gets scaled up, as long as students are able to obtain a raw score of above 25, their scores will then be scaled up. In general, scores for CFL are scaled up by 4 – 7 marks; CSLA by 7 – 10 marks; and finally CSL by 8 – 12 marks. Every year, the scaling amount may differ, but only by 1 or 2 marks if so. An example of how the scaling works is as such, if a student achieves a raw score of 35 on a CSL exam, their final score may be around 47 marks due to the act of scaling as determined by VCAA.


The New Chinese Language and Culture School is a registered school by the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA). Students who are unable to take Chinese as a VCE language for any reason at their day-school, are able to attend classes at our school and take the VCE Chinese examination. However, students must first have permission from their day-school to ensure all documents regarding this subject is in order and marks will contribute to their overall ATAR score at the end of their Year 12 studies and examinations. Students who wish to take the VCE Chinese course at their own day-school are welcomed to take part in classes at the NEW CLCS to revise, reinforce and improve their skills for the final examination.



中文第二语言高级VCE CSLA​




  • 在以中文为主的学校接受教育十二个月或者十二个月以上;或

  • 在维省教育部划定的以下四个国家和地区居住三年(36个月)或更长时间

    • 中国大陆

    • 香港

    • 澳门

    • 台湾

A student is NOT eligible for Chinese Second Language if they have had either:

  • 12 months or more education in a school where Chinese is the medium of instruction, or

  • 3 years (36 months) or more residence in any of the VCAA nominated countries or regions.

The nominated countries and regions are China, Taiwan, Hong Kong or Macau.


  • 在以中文为主要教育语言的学校接受教育不超过7年;并且

  • 在以中文为主要教育语言的学校接受的最高教育不超过维省7年级水平(如:不超过中国的初中一年级)

A student is eligible for Chinese Second Language Advanced if:

  • they have had no more than 7 years of education in a school where Chinese is the medium of instruction

  • the highest level of education attained in a school where Chinese is the medium of instruction is no greater than the equivalent of Year 7 in a Victorian school.


A student is eligible for Chinese First Language if:

  • they have had more than 7 years of education in a school where Chinese is the medium of instruction