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​New CLCS VCE Centre


新金山文化学校VCE培训中心是教育部考试总局VCAA的注册学校,凡是日校没有开设VCE中文课程的学生,或日校有中文课但因课程安排不开,都可以在我校注册完成VCE中文科目的学习,其考试成绩都能得到该生所在日校及维省教育部的认可。如果在日校选修VCE中文课程的学生想强化补习VCE中文,亦可参加学习我校课程,达到其补习、强化、提高考试技能的目的。 我校VCE培训部每年都输送出了一批批满分、高分的优质考生,为考生的VCE总分增色添辉!


VCE Chinese Department

The VCE Training Centre of the New CLCS is a registered school by the Ministry of Education and Examination, VCAA. Any day school that does not provide students with the chance to complete Chinese as a VCE subject, can be registered in our school’s VCE Chinese subjects to complete their VCE examination. The examination results may be obtained from the student’s day school of recognition by the Victorian Ministry of Education. Students who wish the take the VCE Chinese course at their day schools may also take part in the course provided by our school to further their studies. This will provide revision, reinforcement and improvement opportunities of their study skills in preparation for the examination. Every year, the VCE training department of our school shapes and produces a number of high-achieving students and those of great calibre who attain a great study score.


·        墨尔本最悠久、最具声誉的中文教育品牌;

·        最具针对性,实战效果最佳的模考系统;

·        最强大的真题分析系统;

·        最敬业的教师团队;

·        短期学习,受用一生!


The New CLCS’s VCE Chinese Characteristics

·        We are Melbourne’s oldest, and most prestigious Chinese education brand;

·        We are the most target specific, and provide the best model test system effects;

·        The New CLCS is the greatest at analysing legitimate Chinese VCE examination questions;

·        Our schools have the most dedicated team of teachers, and thus;

·        We provide short-term learning that carries out through a lifetime.

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